What will be best mobile app idea to build post covid-19

Right, now Covid-19 has changed the world and lots for things happening which have never imagined. I was just wondering for mobile app idea post Covid-19.

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The best idea is miraculously just happen to be the worst at the same time: Movement Tracker - this is by far the best weapon against the virus - chances are you won’t come up with something better. Unfortunately we need dramatically re-consider what do we mean by “privacy” if we want to step that direction.


In this scenario there are so many ideas like grocery app development or tracker application or healthcare apps would be market post covid19 there are several chances of being virtually dependent world so if u want to invest your make a app that is feasible for present and future also so u can try grocery app or you can try body tracker app this can help u a lot.

Yes, You are there was a big controversy on privacy in movement racking app. But still we can find a way if we really want.