What will be the checklist for Web Developer?

What will be the checklist for Web Developer.
My points are -

Knows CSS Grids
Know at least 1 DB
Knowledge of CRUD in at least any 1 backend language.

Add your points.


I think that @P1xt has done fantastic job of breaking down to what you need to do to be taken seriously. Check out this guide.

Also, Udacity has a checklist for the front-end:
(it’s a pdf download)


Anything for full stack developer like this?


I recently completed Udacity’s Full Stack Nanodegree. I would have to say that @P1xt guide is more of full stack than just front-end. I think the problem here is how we define the job titles. I have done some job searches, and the variations are crazy.

Honestly, it seems to me that most full-stack dev jobs are actually mid-career positions that require quite experience in workforce heavy on backend scalability issues. Then again, it all depends on who posted the job, and where.

In general, ‘front end’ concept is just CSS/HTML/Javascript. The backend is where you deal with all these data, (i.e. CRUD). MySQL, Postgres, and other databases. If you read @P1xt’s guide, you will see that backend certificate was recommended, not the front-end one.

Ultimately, it’s about you finding what you want to do. If you find a company that you want to work for, and do research on what they need, you then can focus on these skills that they need.

Free Code Camp have a pretty good study guide for becoming a full stack developer. You can look up several, including Udacity, which will list courses or projects that you would need to complete to get Full Stack cert.

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