What will I become? A web developer, software Eng; or What?

I sincerely say kudos to all family here help newbies like me. I want to ask that what will I gain from taking all courses curriculum or what will become Web developer, software eng; or what? I studied Economics but have interest in IT or computer world, how can I go about it?


This site is basically geared to web development (generally front end), but the skills you learn here would help you as a software engineer as well.

Generally Front-End meaning the curriculum starts with the front end so by default people finish it first, however there is a Back-End certification as well, and Data Visualization to boot. Lots of work ahead.
Good luck whatever your path may lead you!

Job titles are pretty arbitrary, but the ones that are most likely to match you skill set will probably be some variation on “web developer” or “[some technology] developer”. From what I’ve observed jobs listed as “engineer” are much more likely to require a traditional degree in a related field (at the jr/entry level). “Software engineer” is typically going to refer to non-web technology and require experience with languages like C, C++, or Java.

Hopefully as you learn and grow as a coder, you will find areas that interest you more than others. You’ll focus on building your skills in these areas and seek out jobs that relate to them.

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Yeah this program is most aligned to web developer. Web development is very different from software engineering. The name ‘software engineering’ is thrown around loosely in job postings all the time, but the reality is that software engineering is an actual well defined field of study (defined by IEEE) to the point that there is federally funded research in software engineering, and there is an actual Software Engineering Institute at a major university, you can get licensed in some countries for software engineering, etc.

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Don’t worry about what you are going to become, enjoy the journey as you don’t know where you could end up. Coding takes you on different tracks all the time, you’ll discover new things and go down that path for a while. It’ll open up new doors and opportunities all the time.

@DWAbrego Makes excellent points. I’ll also add the observation that while the use of the title “software engineer” is a bit loosy-goosy, it’s much more common in companies that traditionally hire other engineering fields. Job function may be the same for a “software developer” at a purely software company as a “software engineer” at a company that employs electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, etc.

Long story short: find what you like and where your strengths are, then search for jobs based on the technology used and don’t worry about the name of the position.