What Would Be Your Appraisal About My Past Two Days FCC Activity?

It’s two days now, since I started Free Code Camp, and I think I’ve done so much.

So what do you think about my past two days FCC activity.

Also take a look to the FCC project I’ve done and tell me what do you think about each one of them.

My FCC profile link: https://www.freecodecamp.com/mnrafg


Tribute Project Link: https://codepen.io/mnrafg/full/bRVzRE/
Portfolio Project Link: https://codepen.io/mnrafg/full/xrwvZO/
Random Quote Machine Project Link: https://codepen.io/mnrafg/full/JJGapE


I’d say you have prior experience, haha.

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Impressive just for the ability to bear down and plow through the content. More impressive if you had no coding foundation, though a bit concerning because one wonders how much a person is capable of retaining the lesson if one is simply completing what’s required and going through it so quickly

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You dont have a job do you ?! Kkk… just kidding man, excellent job !

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You are right Mr. Heyrio, I’ve a little experience with of Web Design/Development.

Thanks for your reply.
Although I’ve a little experience but I have not skipped any documentation for any challenge.

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