What would be your dream stack?

If you could build a project using any existing technology, what would it look like? Dis-regard your own skills, as we want to assume everything from day 1 goes perfect. You could integrate technology you know about, but don’t know how to use, or stuff you already know.

In the real world we have budgets, and constraints such as time, if we could throw all that out and you are only limited by your own imagination and existing technologies to choose from, what would be your “dream stack”?


I’d love to write an entire stack in Idris. More in the realm of my imagination than my skill right now.

Haskell is more my speed, and it’s quite mature on the backend … would be nice if ghcjs ever matured enough to make it respectable on the front-end. I’d still love to do a project using the Yesod framework someday, but I suspect it’ll have to be a hobby project.

Honestly though, I’d be happy to be working with Mojolicious and perl again, maybe with a RxJS based front end of some sort (not Angular). Laravel has really lost its shine after working with it for a few months.

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My dream stack would be like drem stack developer
d - Django
r - react js or react native
e - express js
m - mongodb