What would you do to make this portfolio worthy?

I suppose my first question is, should it even be in my portfolio for potential employers to see? I’m proud of the way I worked the weather app, not using any hacks or forcing https. I figured it out, found a weather api that works, and a way to host it so all elements work properly. However, it’s very simplistic in design. I do have the background images change via switch depending on the weather description. I do know the partly cloudy image interferes with the text, so am working on moving it so the text is easier to read, or I may make it somewhat opaque to show the font better.

What I would like to know is what should I do design-wise, well, and code-wise to not embarrass myself or the portfolio I am trying to build?

Here is my weather app.

Maybe something like this, without the ad?


that’s a good start mate

I know how you feel about wanting the project to be perfect but here’s something to consider: you are constantly learning and improving. Completing the project to the best of your ability now doesn’t mean you can’t come back later with a little more knowledge and make improvements.

It looks like you are using github already, good! That way even if you aren’t 100% happy with your project now, you can show your future employer how you’ve improved things over time.

Good point! Perfectionism is a tough thing to stop. :slight_smile:

Well I would consider maybe using GIF images for slight animation in a background. Like it would be cool that if its raining rain drops fall in the background. Also, use similar font like you’ve shown in example below. You can also consider forecast service that user will be able to see what is the forecast for tomorrow. Going further, if you want to make your app commercial potentially you can develop functionality that suggest male/female what clothes to wear by latest fashion in the next period. Really, improvements are endless. Design-wise, your example below is like user would like to see - clear info, well formatted and simple. That is the way it should be, just extend it with some functionality related to weather to make it more powerful and impressive :slight_smile:

Ah, yes, sorry… About the layout - if you are targeting small screens as primary device, use simple grid basic layout nothing too fancy. As your screen size gets larger you will have to do slight workout. For that bootstrap is fantastic as well as CSS3 media queries. Check on that as it is very important. In browser developer tools you have an option to see how will your app look in different screen sizes and resolutions. You can write set of CSS3 rules depending on the resolution in a way that if larger screen resolution is detected you can apply different set of rules that will maybe show more stuff as screen gets larger and show/hide various elements or even rearrange layout. Really, when you unleash the power of full responsive design sky is the limit. Have fun - most important thing :smiley: