What you prefer even now?

Work from Home or Work at Office

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I currently work from home and love it.
I live in a large city which means any type of morning commute would be a pain.

But for anyone considering working from home, it is important to choose a company that actual has good policies that work in that remote environment.
Some companies like mine have always been remote. So they have already addressed the challenges of a remote life and have built strong policies and culture that make it nice to efficiently work from home.

But other companies that tried the work from home during the pandemic and tried using their old office policies in this new remote setting weren’t as successful.

Thank you for the reply dear…true, culture and policy is mainly important,if there’s no good work culture then even remote job will have a bad impact

Work from office for sure. For me there needs to be a dividing factor between work and home and unfortunately I have been unable to separate the two when I’m at home.

When I’m at a separate facility it’s much easier to leave work at work and enjoy my time at home.

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very good way of thinking brother :ok_hand:

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