What's definition corresponds to my current level?

I’m doing FCC-project “Portfolio Page” now. And I’m at a loss what to write in “About me.” I understand this is a fake-page. But still.
I took the course html and CSS here. And I don’t know anything more. I havn’t yet begun to study Java.
A CSS developer? Sounds a little too serious for such a beginner like me… :woman_shrugging:t2:

What you’re learning. How you’re learning. How long you’ve been learning. Why you’re learning. What your goals are. What you enjoy about programming. What type of programming or projects you want to do. Your dog’s name.

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Thanks for the answer.
I meant what a more or less professional definition corresponds to my current level.
My goals and dogs are not Portfolio topics, I suppose.

you’re right. My question’s incorrect.


I was, 17 years ago))

If you are asking about what “professional definition corresponds to [your] current level” and your programming experience is the first section of freeCodeCamp, then my answer is “student” regardless of how old you are. My suggestions for things to fill in an “about me” section for a student portfolio are above.

Maybe something like junior I guess? I m just thinking that you ve learned something and you just need professional experience. I think junior might describe your situation. Also juniors are those looking for entry level jobs. Just my opinion.
Also regarding About me section you could include some skills you acquired you can say what you learned from CSS lectures, for ex responsive design and some other stuff like mobile first approach etc. You can also say about your goals or passion for programming I guess and maybe your general skills that are wanted by companies(communicative, problem solving, analytical thinking and so on).

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