What's next after FCC?

@QuincyLarson thanks to you and amazing community helping many to get their dream IT job.

I would like to share my experiences post FCC, what’s next till getting that dream job / internship

Below steps helped me and I feel there should be collaboration between FCC and these free platforms as well, as everyone has got same goal of sharing knowledge free of cost & build community

  1. https://exercism.org/ = super helpful in practicing and sharpening skills

  2. https://devchallenges.io/ = to actually build real world projects with things you’ve learnt

  3. Youtubers who build projects

With these steps; I could able to start freelancing, so thanks again

Let me know what do your thoughts on this



HI @vikramvi !

Since you are interested in freelancing I would suggest reading up on how to get started.


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