Whats the best compiled programming language (regardless of jobs))

Theres java that i want to start learning but I Rust looks cool although i dont know if there are many job openings for rust

there are many other options as well. which ones do you think are interesting and which one would you go with

First of all there is no such thing as “best” language in most cases. There are more relavent languages that are used more often for a given use-case, but even legacy languages like COBOL and FOTRAN has specialty jobs out there.

With that out of the way, you should consider what sort of jobs each language is usually used for. Some languages like Java are general purpose, and thus are used for a number of practical applications. Languages like Rust are more “lower-level” with focus on being faster, similar languages would be C, C++ and GoLang.

Then there are also languages like Typescript, ClojureScript, CoffeeScript which are all “compiled” (or transpiled) that all create JavaScript, which still “fits” the idea that its compiled, but isn’t usually thought of as a “compiled” language.

Regardless of the language being compiled/interpreted the language is just a tool for a job. Don’t focus on the tool, focus on what you want to do and pick the language that is best for that use-case.

Finally, if job prospect focus is the priority, I’d say focus on Java or C#. These two are very common in the enterprise world for any number of applications for a number of use-cases.