What's the best plan of attack

Just curious as to what the best way to approach tackling the QA course and a few others would be. (QA being my focus)

Would it be better to do all the courses and get certified for all of them? Or just jump straight to the ones you want to get certified for?

The question has been asked for a while! Here the answer.



You just hace to complete de currículum questions AND the 5 projects. I want to know if i can with only the projects

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You do not need to complete the lessons to obtain the certificate - you only need to complete the 5 certification projects. :slight_smile:

My point of view:

The courses are for people with a few knowledge and have to learn everything from the beginning.
If you have enough knowledge jump the courses and get certified.

Thanks, that’s what I needed to know. Looks like I’m in for the long haul!