What's the best practice in making tweaks to a CDN?

Recently, I was using the ScrollTrigger CDN, but it had some things I don’t need on the output, like start, scroller end


Since I didn’t want that on my design, I copied the source code of the ScrollTrigger CDN and saved it in a .js file in my workspace. I then removed the code section displaying the unwanted texts on the screen.

Is there a better way to go about it?
Should I even be making tweaks to a CDN at all?

You’re not making changes to the CDN. A CDN is just a computer with some resources stored on it and made available over a network. The code hosted on a CDN is just a blob of text saved on that computer that someone downloads when a link to it is included in your app/website. You can normally do whatever you want with it.

However, the code that’s put on a CDN is normally a compiled, minified version. Normally, as long it’s open source, you would find the original (on GitHub, for example, if it was being stored by the author there). Then you fork that so that you have your own version, make changes to it, and then use that.

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Thank you for your reply.

That’s true because I had to format the document first before it started displaying like a normal JavaScript file.

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