What's the minimum knowledge I need to know before using Vue to create frontend mock up?

What are the things I need to know just to create front end mock up using Vuejs framework?

I have designed some mult-pages web layout which I want to turn into real world website.

I am pretty comfortable with HTML and CSS right now.

For javascript, what do I need to learn in order to use Vue as a frontend framework?

I just want to create frontend mockups like these

Where do I start??

Thanks in advance.

Where do I start??

Start by learning basic HTML, CSS, and JS.

Vue is a JS library, you have to know JS. It’s like asking “How much French do I need to know to write a French poem?” Well, I’d say you should probably be at an intermediate level. I’d say the same for Vue.

I’d learn some JS, then try some Vue tutorials. You’ll figure out pretty quickly if you’re ready or not.

I see. Thanks for the reply!

Hi there,

what are the mockups for?

Are they made to demonstrate a UI design?
Or are they early production und will be part of the final code?

thanks for the reply, here is the mockup that I made a while ago using figma.

they are not for commercial use, I am going to use it just to display some web coding skills online, just to add into my portfolio

I see,

if you are a designer, learning Vue or React for mockups would be overkill.
Tools like Webflow and Framer allow you to make fully functional mockups that can even be handed to the developers.

If you want go into web development, you will have to start from scratch and
learn html CSS and JavaScript like recommended.

Depending on how fast you are learning, you will be able to create mockups
with little functionality fast, meaning the UI with few working buttons or links.
You can add the logic one by one.

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I’ve already comfortable with HTML and CSS.

I think I’ll start learning javascript next.

That’s a good headstart.

Making “mockups” is pretty much how I learned React.
The first pages/ apps I created were just JSX and CSS UIs. I started
to make thing like dark mode/ light mode, forms, logins etc. work as I needed them.
Maybe you can recreate the same with Vue.

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thanks for the info! I’ll look into those!

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