What's the most frustrating thing about programming?

What are you struggle the most with? Something I’d like to try is let people rant here, and I’ll try my best to respond :smiley:


The overwhelming amount of information there is to learn. I have a tendency to jump around and try to learn everything at once, then I burn out, re-group and come back to taking it one step at a time. I think i’m gradually learning to not jump around so much.


Is the structure of freecodecamp helping you to not jump around? Do you feel it helps you follow a path? Other than that, what has helped you to not jump around so much so far?

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Yes freecodecamp is by far the best resource for me right now, I makes you stick to one thing at a time. Other than that, myself is the thing that stops me from jumping around, when I inevitably become overwhelmed.


most frustrating thing is when your code doesnt do what you expect it to do, or when something that should be simple end up being the most complicated process in your app ^^
Sorry, vague answers, but thats what comes on top of my head from my experience


I’ve been working as a programmer for years now and this frustration never goes away. I guess us programmers need to live with it. What keeps me going during this frustration is looking forward to the very good feeling I’ll have after I solve or finish the problem.

Also stepping away from the PC for a while and coming back with a new point of view, or perspective, helps.

Good luck!


A forma aplicada no processo de se ter diversas informações ao mesmo tempo e ter que fazer o processamento desta informações corresponde um pouco de frustação, no entanto a programação em si se da pelo próprio individuo se colocar a disposição de aprender nesse meio processo entra minha frustação devido a aplicabilidade e o erro durante o aprendizado e a prática .

Haven’t good friends in coding.

Right now I tried to integrate react front to ruby blog for the first time. I use this instructions (third variation) https://sloboda-studio.com/blog/how-to-integrate-react-with-ruby-on-rails/ . And now there some error in terminal and I’m not good in understanding errors in terminal. I asked this at stackoverflow and I am not hoping to get answer there (I didn’t receive answer for my previous question there). It feels like I am asked too stupid questions…

I reminded myself about forum on FreeCodeCamp and saw your question.
I feel myself lonely in this journey.


Evite o uso do StackOverflow leia mais a propria documentação as vezes existem processos que se passam despercebidos, StackOverflow por ultimo realmente o ultimo.

It’s common programmers often get frustrated because the can’t just find the issue in their code this makes them break their keyboards! :rofl:


Hi @maria_coding !

Welcome to the forum!

Stack Overflow doesn’t have a reputation of a nurturing environment.
Don’t feel bad about that. :grinning:

But you bring up a good point about coding alone.
I think a lot of people can relate to that which adds to the struggle.

One solution is to joining programming groups like this one. :grinning:
You will feel less lonely and are surrounded by people who experience the same feelings as you


When you’re trying to solve something, and you write the code, and your code won’t run, you ask and search here and there, but still didn’t find an answer.


Thank you @jwilkins.oboe for warming welcome.
I hope to find friends and help at this forum. :grinning:


I think typos and fat-fingered syntax errors are up there with some of the most annoying things. Your code reads well, the logic is sound, but you wrote “usable” instead of “useable”.

Sometimes it’s just embarrassing stuff like not running a function. Wait…this function is perfect, in every way. Why doesn’t it work? Oh, right you have to run it, duh.

It’s the little things. Like an extra space and boom you have deleted the users’ files. Whoopsie.

This is why writing code that reads well is by far the most important thing in programming.


Computers are very, very stupid.


^ Shush, they might hear you!

I personally think computers are swell and great!! I love computers and robots!! :robot:


The frustrating thing about programming is that it’s generally hard. The whole software development process puts me in a frustrating state from start to finish. But I can think of more frustrating things that I would rather not do.

Like, being a customer service agent dealing with rude customers or being a car mechanic for eight hours a day. Programming is a headache I rather deal with.


What helps for me when this happens is I just try every angle possible, not afraid to break things - it’s not working anyway, right? And when I’m really stuck, I step away from the computer, and come back with a fresh perspective. It helps because sometimes we get stuck because we’re missing something but we just couldn’t see it before. In other words, take a break!

Are you stuck with something in particular right now?


You have a very commendable approach about your frustration, I applaud you! I hope you don’t stop picking programming as the headache to deal with. I agree it’s much more fun and rewarding :smiley:

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“Oh you know how to program? Can you fix my printer?”