What's the name of challenge #34?

Hey guys, i’m new here. As I was reading an article about the 5 most common pitfalls. At some point he talks about the challenge #34 being a pain in the ass and many students quitting because of it. I’ve searched and can’t find its name so I know when I get to it.

Any help? Thanks

Well maybe you have an idea of what the most difficult challenges in your opinion are? :slight_smile:

I should do well here then. Thank you!

Who is this guy? And what is challenge #34? I didn’t know there is a number to these challenges.
If he gets stuck there for more than a week, chances are he haven’t really learned coding as much as he claims to know and he wants to offer coding advice?

Mmmh I don’t know about the HTML and CSS, I’ve signed up today and did them both under 2 hours so I would be very much surprised if, from his point of view, a lot of students were stuck for 1 month there and then quit because of that. Guess I’ll never know then… Doesn’t matter in the end :smiley:

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From the author:

When I started [challenge] 34 there was a total of 30 coding challenges.


He makes absolutely no sense. I am a white middle-class guy looking for a job, and I wouldn’t even hire him, lol.

thanks for the info. yeah.wierd. why would he say challenge #34 ? Why not just drop the name of the challenge/lesson.

made me curious and was actually looking at my map searching for #34, which led me to this forum. lol