Whats the point of dead links

I just started @freecodecamp and Im a little confused about the point of a “dead link.” Or why do i need to put an <a href="#" instead of just putting the real link between the quotation marks.

I’m just going to quote the challenge text exactly to respond to you.

Sometimes you want to add a elements to your website before you know where they will link.

This is also handy when you’re changing the behavior of a link using JavaScript, which we’ll learn about later.

Hi, It’s really just like it says, putting a ‘#’ is just standard practice for a placeholder link if you don’t have the target page yet. Also an ‘in page’ bookmark uses the # so technically this might just be an empty bookmark so it doesn’t throw an error.
You might also what to dynamically change your href link with javascript. In this case, having an actual address is really unnecessary. :slight_smile: