What's the prolem with my code. and what do they mean when they say "You should not directly use the values "dog", "ran", "big", or "quickly" to create wordBlanks"

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var myNoun = "dog";
var myAdjective = "big";
var myVerb = "ran";
var myAdverb = "quickly";

// Only change code below this line
var wordBlanks = "When i fed my " + "dog" +", it grew so " + "big" + ", it "+ "ran" + " so fast and " + "quickly" +" towards me" ; // Change this line
// Only change code above this line

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Challenge: Word Blanks

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Hello and welcome to the FCC community~!

The test is asking you not to use “dog”, “ran”, “big”, or “quickly” directly in your wordBlanks string, but instead use the variables that have been assigned those values. :slight_smile:

You just saved my day!!. Thanks buddy

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