What's the protocol if I want 3 different headings with the same size and importance?

If I make them <h1>, <h2> and <h3> then they decrease in importance and size. Should I just make them all <h1>?

For good practice, your page should only have one h1 element. If you want to have 3 different headings with same importance, it is good practice to have three h2 elements rather than h1 elements.

If you want to change the appearance of something, you should use CSS to achieve that instead of altering your HTML tag choices.

HTML tags aren’t there for visuals, their significance lies in their semantic meanings. The reason why you’d see contents in different tags appear differently in your browser without any styling applied is because the browser has a default set of styles, not because of any inherent HTML mandates.

Not necessarily the case anymore. It really depends on the site content. It is quite common and acceptable to use multiple section elements on a page and nested within them multiple article elements. Imagine an online newspaper or magazine. You may have various sections where the content within each section may have a most important headline (article). In this case, the page would have multiple h1 headings but they would be contained in separate section elements. There would only be one h1 heading per section element though.

I thought h1 would be for the name of the newspaper? :joy:

Edit: Went back to read about h1 . I was clearly wrong :yum: