Whats the result here?

var testVar = true;
var isValid = "true";
var isValue = false;

if (testVar === isValid) {
} else if (testVar == isValid) {
} else {


Change your quote mark to a English font - and if you are sure that you are using English font then I would suggest write it directly in a code editor other than copy and paste from elsewhere or you can directly copy the quote mark from here " " . Then see the output.

Moreover, if this is your full code and nothing else, remove the alert() and use console.log() to see the result.

Hope this will help you.

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@thetradecoder code is now formatted properly if you want to give second feedback

For this code to generate output, you have to either put your current code into a website like https://repl.it/ or change all your alert into console.log and run it through an IDE.