What's the roadmap for a kid in highschool

Hi all,

This post is in regards to what the roadmap should be for someone wanting to get into computer science/ tech. I’m a student in the 10th Grade and have always had a passion for IT. I learned basic HTML5 and CSS when I was 14 and learned how to use linux based systems. I also have some knowledge in networks and cyber security. My main niches in IT is software engineering and cybersecurity. What would be the path I take to get a career in these fields?

Hi @bbrar !

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I would continue to self study and maybe get involved with some open source projects you are interested in.

Then I would suggest going to college and pursuing computer science. If that is an affordable option, then I would continue learning and building connections with your peers and professors. I would also take advantage of university CS events, and internship opportunities.

This will give you some time to learn about different areas of tech and decide on what you want to pursue as a career.

Hope that helps!

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