What's this forum software?

Hi, it’s pure curiosity but I’d love to know which forum software is used out there :slight_smile:
Is it homemade or something already existing?

Thanks in advance! :tophat:




Thanks for your answer! Does that mean that freeCodeCamp is paying for it?

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“Because Discourse is 100% open source, now and forever, it belongs to you as much as it belongs to us. That’s how community works.” –https://www.discourse.org/faq/


Okay, so I misunderstood the pricing, which must be for a hosted version I guess :slight_smile:

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You can use this site to find out what any page is built upon:


Just pass in the link, an click lookup :wink:


Just curious: why was Discourse chosen over more traditional platforms such as phpBB?

The “infinite scroll” and attendant “latency lags” is driving me crazy when rummaging through long threads with hundreds of replies! Plus, the design isn’t “organized” enough at first glance – borders that group elements together, for example, instead of everything just free-flowing with the eye not knowing where to go at first (until one’s figured out the logical hierarchies oneself).

Speaking of “logical hierarchies,” it’s still mildly confusing every so often to see specific replies listed as general replies – that is, Person A starts a topic, Person B posts a response, and Person C posts a response to the response of Person B, but it’s listed visually as if it’s a response to Person A…can’t believe Discourse doesn’t have the more common-sensical UI/UX of traditional forum software with proper and easily recognizable nesting!

There isn’t much choice with regards to [well supported, robust] forum software; BB et al are old and don’t work very well. Discourse was built to be a modern replacement, and has issues but is generally much much easier to deal with and manage, it’s a trade-off.

Hey, Dan,

Fancy runnin’ into you here in this sub-forum!

I’m really dying to know, believe it or nuts! – I’m really dying to know…is there some kind of setting somewhere so that I can make replies properly nested and indented??

It’s really driving me crazy seeing a reply to a reply listed (i.e., indented) as if it’s a reply to the original post!