Whats wrong this aint working -HElp!

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// Only change code below this line
var a = 6;
var b = 15;
var c = "I am a String !";
// Only change code above this line

a = a + 1;
b = b + 5;
c = c + " String!";

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Challenge: Understanding Uninitialized Variables

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The instructions tell you exactly what values to initialize the variables with. You are not initializing variables a, b, and c with those values. Why are you using other values?

Hi @Flamez!

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What you did was plug in 5 here

and take the value and assign that here

So, you don’t need to overcomplicate it.

FCC instructions
Initialize the three variables a , b , and c with 5 , 10 , and "I am a"

When you initialize those variables with the correct values then the test will pass.