Whats wrong with my code? Native environment vs controlled

When running in my native environment my code doesn’t quite do what I thought it should do.

Can you please look over my code and tell me what I did wrong?



Codepen Code:


Can you be explicit? Just open up the inspector and see what is overriding your style (if that’s what you find wrong).

Same code two different results. Because code pen is more of a controlled environment I’m under the impression that my code is wrong somewhere and it shows through on my native environment. I just want someone with more experience to breeze through and help me narrow down if my code is the problem or something else.

You haven’t even explained what the perceived problem is!

That’s why I provided pictures and a link! My code should have a background color of blue and aligned in the middle of the page with perfect symmetry. It doesn’t have its background color and its positioned to the left.

The color setting code is fine, trivial as expected. Just use the inspector on the result in the browser to see the details. What element is white, why and so on.

Use the tools that you have instead of guessing.

Thanks for the input, the problem actually came from where I was placing my script tags.

In codepen you were also loading two bootstrap versions. Just slows things down.

Good to know! Thank you again!