What's YOUR dream job?

If you could choose your ideal work environment, what would it be? Would you like to be in freelance, or at a big 9-5 company, or a startup? Something else?

My dream job is to make cool shit at an employee-owned startup with a small core team of cool people! Basically a for-profit hackerspace.

Mine, like a lot of people, is to one day be skilled enough to be able to work freelance remotely. A big dream for many but with such a high barrier with many obstacles to overcome such as:

  • Actually knowing what line of development work you wish to do remotely, the niche you want to work in, the programming stack required to be able to work in it. The type of product you want to build for clients. A lot of people (I was guilty of this myself at one point) choose they want to “work remotely” but don’t actually have their own personal plan of what field of development/niche they want and what truly interests them. They fall in love with the idea of working remotely and don’t see the scope beyond of making something long lasting in the process, whether it’s a product they want to create, a freelance online business etc. Personally I’ve found that having a personal plan based on personal interests, skills, demand and networks towards an end goal/dream niche will help go a long way in keeping motivated to do the hard gritty stuff of learning to code and practicing it. At least its what helped me stay motivated so far in the short space of time I’ve been getting stuck doing as seemingly trivial as JS algorithms.

  • Gaining a solid reputation backed up by substantial experience through projects and working at companies to gain enough trust from companies and clients to do the work unassisted and properly. I can’t imagine getting hired by a company to do work across the other side of the globe and undertaking such a high degree of responsibility without being backed by years of experience and great references. I guess having the experience and reputation would make it much less difficult in actually finding remote jobs and anyone who wants to take freelancing seriously, especially remote, would definitely would want to reduce the potential of running dry with clients between each freelance job.

  • Financial safety net - Following on from my previous point, freelancing is a risky venture and I would prefer to go into it with some kind of savings beforehand in case things don’t turn out well and if it takes a lot of time to get the ball rolling. Working for a while to save up for a reasonable financial safety net that can keep you covered for lets say, a good few months if things go dry would be a highly important yet overlooked factor for anyone considering going into freelancing.

I guess I’ll have to start off, like many people, working for various startups/agencies to gain good experience and a great chance to practice the code onsite with senior devs to help shape and improve my coding skills and the practical side of it. But as time goes by and as I gain a higher level of skill and knowledge of the different languages/frameworks related to what I want to do, I definitely do wish to go off into freelance work. I’ve given myself a timeframe of 5 years but hey, that can change depending on whether the remote job market dries up or I just happen to get super lucky one day :wink:


My dream is to build some skills and be able to work remotely so my wife and I can move to Barcelona. :slight_smile:

Working in a company on one of the greatest projects - for example working on React project and then reading other developers’ tutorials about the changes which I was part of.

It my dream to establish myself as a Frontend Developer. I would like to work remotely but I will like to work inside an office for my first year to get myself some experience. I would like to work for a startup or big tech company. I would love to live in London, Paris, or Berlin. I will see where my paths goes upon finishing my training.

Sounds like remote/freelance is the goal for many people. Considering how absurd traffic is here in the SF Bay Area, I can appreciate that!