WhatsApp click should have link including page title and URL in pre-filled message

WhatsApp click to chat link i noticed the page title and URL included in the pre-filled message, which is very useful if you want to know from what website the request is coming similarly as in this website: (https://peptidy-npcriz.ru/bady/kompleks-3d/).
On the official WhatsApp faq page (https://help.pickyassist.com/general-guidelines/whatsapp/whatsapp-short-link)i could not see any mention about this feature, so i was wondering if anyone know how this can be done? Because i have looked all over but could not fine a complete list of variable that could be used in the generated link.

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Hello! Welcome to the forum :partying_face:!

With the pre-filled message you’re good to go. The page you shared is simply adding their page URL to the message.

They’re using a CMS that I do not recognize, but you could simply add the URL like this:

const msg = encodeURIComponent("Hello, thanks for contacting us! -- URL: " + window.location.href);
document.querySelector('.whatsapp-link').href = 'https://wa.me/the_phone_number?text=' + msg

Replacing the_phone_number with your business one.

Thanks A lot Skaparate for your help. It is working form me.

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One more doubt, Is it possible to get a Inquiry Form data on WhatsApp so that we can reply customer through WhatsApp like similar below

Yes, you can. You already have what it takes :slight_smile:.