Whatsapp clone app

I want to complain about this video, because it was made by someone who couldn’t teach that well.
I did exactly what he did, but something went wrong.

I’m talking about a guy whose nickname is Simcoder.

Alright… and what has that got to do with freecodecamp?

I think he’s talking about this video on the official YouTube channel.

Ah I see, I only found Simcoder’s own channel.

Anyway, @nicksl1986, you can post your code here or at his forums and see if there are people that can help you. Do try to be specific about the problem though.

What i tried to say, is that this guy used the free code camp name when doing this video, to which i strangely can’t link.

You should be careful even with the original whatsapp,because spyware for it already exists.
But at least you can use it, for example exists free cheating spouse app for android, if you have a doubt in your wife - I think that one is decent.