When did you start looking for paid work?

Hey guys!

I’m only just now starting and I understand that I’ll have to be close to completing a certification before looking for work.

I was wondering when others started looking for paid work? I’ve done other types of work on Upwork, mom-programming related, but nothing programming yet. I don’t feel nearly close to comfortable with my skills to be putting myself out there.

How long did it take you to get a paid job? Or do you contract yourself out? If so, how are you doing, both financially and your inflow of work, if you don’t mind answering.


I’ve moved your post to the Getting a Developer Job section. While you’re waiting for helpful responses, you might want to look around in there. Several campers have shared their stories.

I started working after the front-end certification and the React projects.
I did not feel ready after just the front-end, but it depends on your talents and interests. If you are good at design / CSS, the front-end certification is a good starting point (although if that is your focus, I would suggest learning SASS as well). For me, I suck at design and I hate CSS, so I like to focus more on the programming part, and for that I feel like being familiar with a library or framework (React, Angular, Angular 2 or something else) is pretty important.

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