When do I need GitHub? Now?

Hi all. First post.

I’m finally at the end of the Responsive Web Design curriculum and about to start doing the Tribute page. It linked me to codepen; codepen asked for my github as a way to log in.

Will I be needing github for this project? I haven’t done much external reading or youtubing as I wanted to breeze thru the first 300hr project as fast as possible.

I need a landing page for my small business, and all I know is the friend who was coding before I started, used github to link me a temporary landing page. That’s it.

Also, I intend to do all the design projects before I design my small business page so I’m going to need to understand web design on a broader scope than just learning terminology and applying it. What could I be consuming (videos, blogs) that would give me a meta understanding of what i’m doing?

Any suggestions?

You do not need GitHub for any of the projects.

You will need to set up a codepen account and then you can build all projects there.

https://codepen.io/freeCodeCamp/pen/MJjpwO is the “boilerplate” or template you want to start with.

There is a “fork” button in the lower right; then edit the name in upper left with the pencil icon.

It is a blank canvas, but you will notice the green 3 bar menu in the upper left preview screen. This is the test menu.

This will get you through the projects. But afterwards you’ll want to set up a design environment on your PC where you edit files. Then you can push/build a website to GitHub.

I don’t have a good “set up an environment” blog/video to share. But, that should come after you get the first couple projects under your belt with the codepen.

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Got it. Thanks! I’ll set up on codepen and get rolling.

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