When doing the free version of EdX CS50

I’m not supposed to submit the material. am I?

yeah you still can if you wish

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Thanks, I think there are some benefits such as extra questions so i’ll check that out.

Hi @P1xt,

I am doing all the work. I meant I think there might be some extra questions to test myself when I submit.

Might even show you my Scratch when its done :smiley:

Must admit, I had grand ideas but it has got boring. I’m supposed to finish it now after FCC algs but i’m procrastinating here instead :smirk:

I think David Malan is about to take off any minute, if he rhymed he’d be a rapper.

I had a look through the weeks and saw C, promptly cacked myself and then decided actually it’ll be beginner stuff so now i’m quite excited about it.