When downloading bootstrap 4 do i really need all files

so i have both the cdn and local bootstrap just in case the cdn fails to load. I am trying to push my code(Portfolio) into github and have it hosted using github pages but the problem is that when it tries to build some of my bootstrap txt.md files is a unrecognized liquid tag. My question is do i really need all those files for bootstrap that come with it once you download it locally to function properly or can i use bootstrap.min.css and .min.js only and delete all the other unnecessary files? Thank you in advance for taking your time to read this.

If you want to just link the library normally like you would with the cdn, all you need is the two min files.

If you want to make changes to the already compiled source, you can get the two unminified files (i.e. bootstrap.css) and edit then minify if you want.

If you want to edit the bootstrap source, then you need all the files, and you will have to build the less yourself.

TL;DR I think if you are just including it in an html file, you only need the two minified files. The other files are there in case you want to edit the source and then compile and minify yourself.


Thank you for clearing it up for me.