When employable/interview prep section as rough measure?

anybody have a rough opinion of how much of the given interview prep (below) should be achieved before someone looks for a job?
(i know it’s an imprecise yard stick, just looking for an employed persons rough guess)

This section is more of a “nice to have” or “brush up” section and focuses primarily on what is often covered in an interview.

However, you’ll need to get an interview to utilize it. Its also possible you wont need to know what’s in this section, as its more tilted toward “coding quiz” type situations. These are the primary reasons why this section is at the end.

So in regards to how much you should go through before looking, I’d suggest 0. I’d look at jobs first, and actually apply to a few and go through the process. This should give you some insight into what is looked for, and how things go. Yes you will probably face some rejection, and thats ok. Try to get some feedback as to why, and build from there.

At some point you may want to go back through this section to brush up on your skills with the underlying theory of programming, but I wouldn’t look into it until you find you are being asked for it during interviews. Until then I’d focus on getting the interview and non-coding parts of the interview. Its very possible to get a job without going over this section if you have enough practical skills, and built enough stuff to get an interview and nail it based on your experience.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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thanks. i was more looking for a marker as to wen it is possible to get a job based on the course progression, but you give useful tips. maybe i will go for an interview and just tell them i’m not ready just want to make enquiries. i bet they are happy to have a bit of a break from real interviews

It technically always possible, but that doesn’t mean its likely.

On the flip side, you could do all of FCC, interview prep, be a genius and still not get interviews, and even when you do you get rejected for one reason or another.

There isn’t a true marker that makes or breaks you when it comes to getting a job. There are a multitude of factors in your control and out of your control. Something as simple as where you’re located could be out of your control, and impacts what sort of jobs are available dramatically.

This is why I don’t suggest waiting too much. You can “ramp up” when you get more serious, as applying to jobs does take time and effort, but I do suggest to keep sending a few out here and there just to get feedback in your direction.

Going back to the interview prep, it might be relevant depending on the jobs you’re applying to, or not relevant depending on who you’re applying to. Big tech might look for it, but also might not even pick up your resume. Smaller-time operations might not care about if you know Bubble sort, and only cares about the projects you make, and experiences with working on a team.


yeh, i shall do projects next. probably develop the ol’ github

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