When I click the button "I've completed the challenge" I get "Timeout has occurred"

This is in the first exercise in -

Managing Packages with NPM How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package.


I made the change on my Glitch, clicked share used this url https://leather-rodent.glitch.me

pasted that url into the field and clicked the “I’ve completed…” button but I get the time out notice

Is there a way around this?

There seem to be some issue with the starter project on Glitch.

If you use the dropdown menu on the top left (by the project name) and select “New project” and then select “hello-express”, it will set up a new project. Now open up the server.js and paste the code from the github repo


Now make the change to the package.json file and use this new link for the test. Not sure if this project will work for other challenges but it does for the package.json one at least.


Thank you. It works :sunny:

Thank you @lasjorg. I was having the same issue with npm challenges, and I finally got it working with your suggestions.

But I’m still confused about how creating a new project resolved the issue?:thinking: