When I link my full page view codepen project it opens up in the details view... Why?

I copy the link that shows the full page view but when I click on it it opens up in the details view by default.

Can I see a link to any one of your Pens on CodePen, to help you further?

I don’t see how that matters but ok. The link I pasted on LinkedIn is the first link but the second link is the one that opens up when I click on it.

Are you sure you are using the correct link?

I don’t see why it would redirect to a different link. Not unless LinkedIn is doing something specific to Codepen links, which I’m not sure why they would.

Yes, I am using the full link and I have tried it three separate times. Whenever I click on the full page link it takes me to the details link and it is mildly infuriating.

Since codepen is giving you trouble, maybe you can host your project on github pages and then add it to linkedin.

You may want contact someone at LinkedIn to see why this happens. Or maybe codepen.
Someone is doing the redirect but FCC has no control over either one.

But the whole point is that I want recruiters to click on the link and see the visuals of the web page. Github just shows you the code for said project.

That is what github pages is.

That is the github repo.

Github pages allows you to host your page for free.
So recruiters will see the final page without the code.

For an actual portfolio site, I would suggest hosting it somewhere else. As suggested something like GitHub page, Netlify, or some other host. For a serious portfolio site, I’d also suggest looking into using a custom domain.

For sharing Codepen links on LinkedIn it might be worth creating a collection of pens you would like to share and linking to that instead.

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