When I'm on the web page I click on get help when I try the videos they don't work

When I try to get help click on videos they don’t work

When I try to get help I click on the video and it does not work

Hi @Frankscode !

Can you give an example of which videos don’t work?

I tried all of them none of them worked

For example, what happens when you try to watch this video on adding images to a website

On my end, I am able to press play on the scrimba video and it works.

Do you get a blank screen?
Does the video not pull up for you?

When i click on watch video i just get a blank screen

It might be an issue with your browser and the scrimba videos.

An alternative would be to look at the walkthrough solutions for the challenges by some of the FCC contributors like Florin Pop.

If you are stuck on a challenge you can look at his video explanation.