When is Internet Explorer ( IE ) ever going to be updated?

A super basic question but I would love to find out when IE is finally going to update itself with all the new features of modern browsers !?!?

Microsoft is no longer creating new versions of IE, so the features the older version support are the only ones they will ever support. They don’t upgrade older “retired” browsers to support new JavaScript features.

Ah really, I had no idea. Thanks

If IE is dead, what is the future browser for Microsoft? And why when I run IE, don’t they say something like “hey download our new X browser?” Or are they just abandoning browsers altogether now??

Their newest browser is called Edge and comes standard with Windows 10.

Internet Explorer is still available/installed on Win10… but MS encourages everyone to use Edge.

If you’re still using Internet Explorer, I can only assume that you’re using either Windows 7 or 8, in which case I’d recommend upgrading to 10. It really is a big improvement over 7, which I was using previously. Not that 7 was bad, but 10 is definitely faster and slicker, and Edge is a better browser than IE ever was.

As a fan of all things Microsoft since MS-DOS, I can say that 10 is the best version of Windows yet.

Yeah I’m on Windows 7. I was on 8 but didn’t like it so went back. I guess I will have to try 10.

That’s interesting though, I’ve never even heard of Edge. Can I use it even on Windows 7?

No, it’s built for Windows 10. You can run it on a virtual machine if you really need it for testing purposes (MS have a load of them available specifically for this purpose, tho be aware each one is around 9Gb) but then you’d basically be running Windows 10 inside Windows 7, easier to just upgrade.