When php will be added to the FCC curriculum?

I have read article on FCC news talking about php and python will be added to the curriculum 2020.

please when php will be added?

and thanks in advance

They already added Python.
Not sure when PHP will be added
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thanks so much for reply and for the link.

when I choose software developers, this means web developers?

I can be wrong but this is how i see them

software developers
Build things like smart TV
knows programming languagse like C++/python java

web developers
works with websites
use markup languagse

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Web developers are a type of software developers. We all write code, and web developers write code specifically for the internet.

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thanks for reply. many times I come across this word software developer :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply.

I hope php will be added soon to the curriculum.

please add it :slight_smile:

at this time it doesn’t seem planned to add it in the near futures, but you could for sure find some guides about it in the articles or in the youtube videos

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