When should I look at the solution?

I don’t understand the point of the solution being available. Sometimes these problems seem to take weeks to solve. Months even. And having a solution button feels like temptation. But I can’t hide that I want to see what it is.

you can also use the “Ask for help” button, so you can get hints and still arrive to the answer on your own

or if you see the solution, try anyway a few days later to solve it on your own

I think there was a great discussion where everyone talked about working from the solution. In my opinion, I will work on something, give it a day or two, if I need help, I will reach out for it. I only ever look at the solution after I have solved the problem myself.

So I discovered, thanks to looking at the solution for the assignment, that I don’t understand reduce at all.

I remember getting through the examples without really understanding them. Brute force.

But I didn’t internalize a lot of the concepts. I eventually looked up reduce on YouTube and it made more sense. I needed both FCC and YouTube to understand the function.

I now know how to talk through the solution. I even went so far as to make examples that were similar in concept to deepen my understanding of reduce.

I’m going to take some time and try it again and dig back into it later today. And, God willing, I’ll be done with FCC’s JavaScript lessons.