When should I start to learn JavaScript

When should I start to learn JS? What I mean by this is how much HTML/CSS do I need to know to start learning. Also, what are some tips for learning JS. Would it help if I wrote down the code on paper while learning? any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You and sorry in advance if this is all over the place

HTML/CSS is a different set of skills than JavaScript. Both are required in order do build a web page/application, but one set of skills isn’t a requirement for the other.

Many people (including myself) find it easier to build their understanding by physically writing notes and thought processes. If that’s true of you, then go for it!. When it comes to solving problems, using physical “scratch paper” to work out your solution will be very useful.

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What would be some key points that I should focus on in your opinion?

Why not just start an introduction series (like the JavaScript section of Free Code Camp) and see where it takes you?