When Should I Work on the first project "Build a Tribute Page"?

I’ve completed the Basic HTML and Basic CSS and am wondering If I should work the first project “Build a tribute page” to solidify my knowledge. Or, should finish every learning module in the Responsive Website Design Certification before working on these projects?

If you complete the full tutorial, you will have more weapons in your arsenal to tackle the project.
However, you can start the project as and when you want and add more functionality to as you keep on learning new things.
All the best.

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Thanks . This is a good suggestion. I decide to work on the project with just what I know now to make sure I really know my HTML and CSS because I’ve seen some sample pages and they look like HTML and CSS are all I need, and as I keep on learning, I’ll enhance it.

i am suggesting you complete the Responsive Website Design and while your doing that, you should also try implementing what to have been taught in codepen.io to ease your projects in the time of arrival

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You can build your tribute page just using HTML and CSS, but there are important things taught in the other sections too, particularly the accessibility section.

The course doesn’t teach you to validate your HTML and CSS as far as I can see, but it’s something you should really do: https://validator.w3.org — it’ll help you catch typos as well as actual coding errors.

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Thanks for this. This is helpful