When should you add a skill to your resume?

I have learned HTML, CSS, JS, Vue.js, and PHP. I still struggle and need practice. Should I still include them in my resume? Should I word it a certain way? Should I just not and wait? When did you feel you were ready to add it to your resume?

Some people might create like this one “Javascript - Beginner” and avoid using stat like “Javascript 8/10” etc, cause your 8/10 and my 8/10 and other 8/10 are different

If I really enjoy it and have a confident with said language

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You can include them on your resume if you are applying for a job that requires these skills, and you have some experience with those skills. You might not be an expert, but I’m not sure if most jobs are looking for experts. On the flip side if you are some kind of “expert”, then stating as such could help you.

A resume is as much about the actual content, as it is a way to “sell yourself” to get the job. You don’t want to lie, but you also don’t want to undercut yourself. So if you have some Vue.js skills, then you can say you have Vue.js skills.

Its worth mentioning that just because you say you have “Vue.JS” skills, or some other similar skillset, it usually isn’t enough without projects to show for it. There is a saying where “your resume is as good as your last project”. So you want to have projects to show off your level of skill, mentioned in your resume, and somewhere public to show off (if possible). This will be a larger determination of your overall skill in these areas.

So keep learning, and keep building stuff you can show off and making them as professional as possible.

I also want to point out that waiting might the best approach, as you might end up “waiting until your ready” which either never comes, or you miss out on a chance to get a job earlier in the process. If anything, applying means you can get feedback on your current resume, skills, and projects. Worst case you get rejected, but that shouldn’t be seen as something horrible to try to avoid, as its essentially inevitable and part of the process.

So, apply, get feedback, update your approach, and apply again, getting better and better each time until you finally get the job. :slight_smile:

Good luck, keep learning, keep building, keep applying!


If you can/have built something with that tech, then it’s fair game to add as a skill.

Don’t bother grading yourself - it’s a subjective measure at best and basically meaningless.

If you could do work in that tech, with googling etc, then list it.

If you’re only a little familiar with it, or have only started tinkering, leave it off.


Thanks for the advice. I have built two Vue.js projects (rock, paper, scissors game and a recipes app that includes CRUD, local storage and Vuex) and one PHP guessing game with a MYSQL to keep track of game history. The design for them isn’t the greatest but it works lol I’m not much of a designer.

These were projects for a class, would they still be worth putting down? I have a few small projects/exercises for JavaScript that I thought of just putting them together up on GitHub.

I don’t claim to be an expert, but…

I don’t list skills on my resume. I make sure that I include the relevant skills and technologies in each project/employment that I put on my resume.

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So the main thing to consider with your resume is how much space each things takes. Your resume should be one page, you shouldn’t need a multi-page resume. Due to this you wont have room to put everything and everything. So depending on the job your applying to, your resume should be tailored to that specific job as best you can.

As such, you should put the most relevant projects you have on your resume for a given job.

So if the best projects you have are the ones you built for class, then yea put them. Regardless of what you put on your resume you should put them on github at least so you can reference them in the future.

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Good to know. I’m still trying to find a good way to format my resume and make sure I stay within 1 page. I also have my github and my (ugly) portfolio on my resume.

I do have my class projects on GitHub with links to the live project. I just have to work on the look of my portfolio and update github with the other projects I would like to include.

You can include your top skills in a separate “Skills” section and work them into the job descriptions you write for the positions you’ve held. You can also incorporate them into your resume’s summary statement, if you have one.

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