When to know if im good enough to be a jr dev

So Im a graduate with a diploma in it specificly software development form sait.an Alberta technical institution. I know this is stupid ;but,before graduated I deletted most of my git projects thinking they were not good enough.I then for months worked a project called realtyking which was suppose to be a professional website to buy and sell houses.I spent months learning and my app later changed to a diffrent functionality. Where where a user can enter in locations starting from countries ; then,as long as there was a larger location i.e country to region or region to area or city they can add a new location to their supra value.my git JonathanDaboush (Jonathan Daboush) · GitHub.

I have a wide assortment of skills I added my resume as a reference - contact info…

Jonathan Daboush

Objective: Recent College graduate seeking meaningful employment as a Junior/ Junior Developer for Auticon.


Capstone project September -1st to April 24 2022

Ciao Tours – Payroll system

  • Worked with a team to design and document the capstone application.
  • Greatly contribute to the erd of the application’s database.
  • Helped in both the back and front-end portions of the application. We used spring boot and react.

Realty King June -December 2022

Independent project

  • Learned more and mastered the technologies of springboot,node.js and react.
  • Build a geolocation system that allows users to enter a country, region, area, city, and neighborhood recursively, and with borrowed code for autocomplete fill the user can look at made locations and create new Ones.
  • Though abandoned I Did test things out like employee creation, sign-in authorization and encryption-decryption.

Technical Skills and Achievements

  • Build and designed ui/ux applications
  • Accustomed to test-driven development
  • Accustomed to Agile development
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in utilizing best security practices in my application.
  • Accustom to using many front-end technologies like typescript, node.js, sass, redux and react.
  • Knowledgeable in various oracle database technologies like SQL, MySQL, and pl/SQL
  • Accustom to utilizing back-end languages like java,c++ and python.
  • Accustom to utilizing spring boot, especially through maven.
  • Accustom using programming platforms like intelij and vsc.
  • Accustom to using scrum methodology.
  • Adept at operating network systems via cisco.
  • Adept at operating Linux and windows operating systems.

Soft Skills

Motivated self-starter who can take initiative.

Accustom to embracing variety. structure, change, and innovation.

Constantly improving my skillset and knowledge by learning new technologies and creating projects.

Adept at time management, shuffling numerous projects with varying deadlines and weight of importance.

Excellent at working in a faced passed ,agile environment.


Software Development Diploma

SAIT – Graduated April 2022

References available upon request.

  • List item

Remove this section entirely. It’s very generic. Virtually everyone would describe themselves as a ‘motivated self-starter who can take initiative’.

Just be clear and direct. Remove ‘Though abandoned I Did test things out like’. It’s not necessary to say that and again is just more words that don’t need to be there.

If you put ‘mastered’ be prepared to be tested on that. This could easily just be ‘used springboot, node.js and react.’

What is a ‘ui/ux application’. Do you mean you worked on the frontend? If so, just say that.

Check the grammar. You have multiple grammatical mistakes throughout. You don’t even need to use ‘Accustomed to…’ or ‘Adept at…’ on all these bullet points. e.g. ’ * Accustom to using scrum methodology.’ should just be ‘scrum methodology’

What is ‘meaningful employment’? Why does it say ‘Junior/ Junior Developer’?

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