When to move on from HTML CSS?

I’m nearing the end of Applied visual Design, still a way to go in terms of HTML CSS.

Should one strive to ‘master’ the basics before the next chapters which I read are Javascript/Algorithms? I know I’m not finished yet but I’ve spent the past few days creating a page for each main thing I’m learning i.e fonts, lists, a home page linking to the previous 2, borders.

In short. I feel competent enough in that I now know how/where to search in order to implement something.

Is HTML/CSS drilled in further through the course ?

Thank you.

Assuming that you’re considering proceeding to JavaScript - go for it. You’ll not just be coding JavaScript, you’ll still have to deal with HTML/CSS, if you’re building real projects.

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Thank you,
That’s good. I was worried I was spending too much time on HTML/CSS in the sense of I’ll spend hours just creating a page specifically for lists or fonts with all the different attributes. It’s really help drill it in but at the same time at this pace I’ll never finished the basics!

Good to hear.

if you manage to do the projects on your own, (starting from scratch), feel good to go forward.

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Looking forward to these. They will be perfect for practice,


I’ve been doing this professionally for several years, and I don’t know if I’d call myself a master of CSS :laughing:.

Really though, it’s going to be an ongoing process. If you’re in a groove with HTML/CSS and you want to keep going deeper into it right now, go for it. Otherwise, feel free to temporarily shift focus to JavaScript. You’ll have to start using your HTML/CSS skills again fairly soon.

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Another perspective, based on my rudimentary attempts to find employment after 7 months of self-study: if you like CSS and design and front-end in general, don’t feel bad about sticking with CSS and becoming an absolute master at it. There are heaps of people who know a little CSS, a little JS, a little React, a little Node, etc., but less people who are really really good at CSS. Again, if you really like CSS, it probably wouldn’t hurt to dig deep.