When to move on to another language

Hi everyone!!

I have been learning programming for about half a year. From other experiences, I learn that I should dive deep into a language instead of switching frequently. However, could I ask how to determine if it is the proper moment to move on to another language?

Any advice would be grateful!!

Normally when you need another language. Or when you want to look at the same problem from another angle. Or just for fun and can afford to do this. Stick to one language otherwise.


When to learn a different language depends on what you’re building. When we’re writing a C# project like a script for something or working with C++ building a game we don’t run in to a situation where we need another language to do anything, C++ and C# can be independent and do everything that’s needed to write the code. When building a game we’ll need other programs (not code languages) to create things the game needs those languages can’t do like creating the visual objects in the game and the animations for those objects.

Building websites is different from building applications. HTML and CSS aren’t capable of doing everything we might want to do we’ll need to have code for. HTML creates the links and places objects and elements on the pages, CSS is used to control how those objects and elements look visually and act. We’ll need java script to do more complex things like calculations and creating ways of interacting with guests to the site.

HTML, CSS, and some form of JavaScripting are the most common 3 languages used to build websites currently. When building a website in 2022 that’s what I find myself having to use and I usually have to use a reference for all 3 while I’m building a site to insure I’m writing the code correctly and to look up things I either don’t know or don’t remember.


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