When writing code, sometimes it doesn't show up

When writing code , sometimes it doesn’t show up. I did the exercise with shadow-box. I copied the code completely and saved it on my computer. When I open it, its all there but the shadow on the sides of the box which makes it look 3D does not show. Other things I have tried, like having the background fixed but the words scroll over it when you use the scroll bar. I could not get that to work either. I copied the exact same code and applied it to my code I’m writing. I have opened it in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. I use notepad++ to write code. Maybe It doesn’t register some codes? If anyone can help me understand why it’s not working, I’d appreciate it.

It is pretty typical on here for people to share a codepen / repl.it / jsfiddle example of what they have tried so that anyone helping has more of an idea of what help is actually helpful.

Please provide some example of what you’ve tried and I’m sure you’ll get more help.

Happy coding :slight_smile: