Where and how should I start?

Hello! I am a new member interested in coding. I don’t have any previous experience… How should I start not to waste my time? Should I try to get all certificates? Or should I focus on few topics? And how possible is to get a real job after getting certificates?
Thank you! :))

If you are interested in web development then the first three modules are where you want to start.


Thanks a lot! Maybe it was primitive question, but you gave very good answer! :smiley: So there is no need to do all courses?

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Hi @zuzanna.m !

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The first 6 certificates cover full stack javascript which is web development.
The last 4 cover python. So if you are interested in more data science and machine learning route.

Gaining the certificates is not the only thing to get a job.
freeCodeCamp is going to provide you with a healthy starting foundation but then you will need to build your own projects and study the job industry on how to break in as a new developer.

Your best shot IMO at landing interviews and getting a junior dev job in a competitive market is to learn how to build connections, build a strong linkedin profile, be active on twitter and take advantage of the developer spaces and connection there.

I would suggest watching Danny Thompson’s linkedin series on how to land a job.

I would also suggest watching Leon’s videos on how to land a job as a self taught developer.

I would also learn how to write really good resumes because it doesn’t matter how good of a developer you are if your resume is written poorly.
Start learning about that stuff now, so you don’t waste your time sending out resumes that are just going to get dumped into the trash.

freeCodeCamp news has tons of great articles about resumes.

The junior developer market is really competitive but it is possible to land a job. You just have to know how to make the system work for you.

I used freeCodeCamp, built my own projects on top of that, connected with other developers and was able to successfully land a job.
My previous background was in music.
So it is totally possible.

Hope that helps! :grinning:

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It depends on your goals. If you primarily want to focus on front end web development then the first three are essential to start with and then you could potentially do data visualization and even back end development if that was something you were interested in. Quality Assurance and Testing would probably be another good one as well. But do you need to python stuff? Probably not unless you are interested. And as you get better then doing some of the coding prep stuff could potentially help you for finding a job.

But since you don’t have any previous experience, those latter modules are a ways off. To begin, just start with the first three and see how it goes.

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THANKS A LOT! You gave me so great answer! It’s what I was seeking… I am really grateful, hope I will be successful!
Interesting…my previous field was also music!

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Hello i’m on the same boat as you, do you mind telling me what are the modules you are talking about? i’m a bit lost.

There is a button in the top left of the screen, 'Visit the Curriculum". There are various certifications there, starting with Responsive Web Design. I recommend doing at list the first 6 to get a MERN stack, a marketable web developer stack.

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