Where are Lessons in the Github Repository?

FULL DISCLOSURE : I’m new here, so this post is a part of me still trying to find my way around.
If this post gives you the feeling that I DON’T know something that I SHOULD, odds are your right. By all means, please let me know anything you feel I should have read before making this post.

That said…
I’m working on Issue#10094.
It’s a simple fix of changing the end of the URL in the “get a Hint”'s button
from using-this-props
to using-this.props

The problem, however, is that I can’t find the challenge in the GitHub repository that I need to edit.
I’m looking for the file that correlates to this page.

If you can even just link me to where in the repository I can find the Front-End-Libraries curriculum is, I should be able to find it from there.

Recently, the curriculum was archived, because they are going to be bringing it back into a single repo. You can find the challenges in the next branch of the github repo.

Click here for the specific challenge you are referring to above.

I am not sure where the change for the Get a Hint url is located, but I have posed the question to others and will let you know when I find out how to do it. There are several urls which have typos and result in 404 errors currently.