Where are the Creative Directors?

Are we are on the verge of “becoming” within that question?
(not really in a form of a question for that is obvious (for that who are pursuing Art Direction in addition to Programming)

Here is a link that got me posting this question (or discussion) further:

My journey: going back and forth, with the use of FCC and various other resources.

Practiced with JavaScript and somehow redirected myself, currently, back into C++ ( I’m back into reading a book that I had in my College years, Associate Degree in Computer Programming, back in 2001 @ #BMCC, that introduced programming for beginner programmers. The book is called “Problem Solving Using C++”.

Although this book is ancient, it has some additional goodies to working with code. I believe I wrote it up in the review within Amazon for others to read and think about getting into this particular book. (strangely, I felt as I wrote, how I’m feeling of beginner-intermediate level (which I said to myself not to feel the way of beginner (I laughed it off)).

Back to point at hand… I think it all adds up though. This includes designing (as I’ve gotten deeper with sketching from imagination (and further studies with Digital Illustration and Graphic Design)). It seems to all add up to becoming a Creative Director (as part of ones career with technology).

I got the link as I googled a few keywords for the day and will be looking further within that website for further my journey.

I’m honestly confused about what you are writing a review for. The C++ book?

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Bot maybe? Just spam for that Avande link? The bots seem to be getting better at gluing together semi-coherent gibberish, this kinda looks like that, especially

I got the link as I googled a few keywords for the day and will be looking further within that website for further my journey.

I wondered the same thing.

@DanCouper, LOL, I am not a bot.

@ArielLeslie, I may have posted in the wrong section.

I’ve been in a few Cohorts here on FCC and wrote of my journey (publicly here before being in first Cohort (shout outs to all the Koalas) as I was going in throughout the months (and I’m told from FCC that it’s been a year anniversary in this forum).

I took the time off of the Cohort to find my way back into Web Development (via tutorials, back in informal training). I’ve been going through JavaScript (YDKJS book series, etc) in my journey for quite some time that I almost neglected the “Art” side (being the graphic visuals of what’s seen via Computer / Tablet / Phone / all entertainment (TV, videogames, etc). And that is the reason for the question on being a Creative Director, for all of that is required in such a position (especially for those who are single Freelancers).

Again, I am not a bot. Just been behind the computer for too long I guess. To prove I’m not a bot further, I have my Github (as per recommendation for all Programmers to post) and from there, you can see I’m slightly above beginner level in programming. Maybe more for I might be undermining myself.

The answer to my question may be for myself to answer as I’m going through Creation at this time based on all I’ve learned and still learning (via Graphic Design and Programming). Stay tuned, I guess.

(Note: I should have more repos, but I’ve just been going through practice via books / videos / FCC (not as much as I should with the projects (but looking into it)) / etc. The practice I’ve gone through were not my own Ideas, which got me writing about it and it’s gotten me to create this morning (still working on it). Sometimes you just need to talk about it before being about it.)

As for actual review of the C++ book I mentioned, the main thing I love about the book is that it has “Requirement Specifications” for the creation of a Program and further discussion with the use of Flow Charts and Pseudocoding (mainly within Chapter 2 and throughout the remainder of the book).

Maybe I should’ve wrote 2 separate posts…

Hey, really sorry about thinking you were a bot. The op is just very confusing, difficult to understand. Im assuming English isn’t your first language?

Almost taking offense on the assumption of English not being my first language, I was actually born in America. Maybe it’s due to learning Computer Programming Language (the difficulties and design practice), my english is thrown off a bit. And then again, I should’ve looked over what it was I wrote and where to properly post.