Where can I find a mentor?

I’ve been on FCC for about three months now. I’m finding myself wondering if it’s really worth my time. I have the drive and I thoroughly enjoy coding, but I need someone to help me make sure I’m following the right path. It’s one thing to go through all the lessons and projects, but I want to make sure I’m focusing on the right things and making sure I know what to do once I’m good enough. Where can I find a mentor who will help me make my way through my learning process? I’ve googled how to become a web developer a hundred times but tutorials don’t do it for me. I don’t have a coding club near me so it would have to be online. Any suggestions?

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I would say there is no such thing as the right path. If you are learning and building things, then that is a right path. Just keep building and learning.

I think the eventual goal should be to get a basic tech stack down, and FCC leads you on a path to get a basic MERN stack. It’s not the only stack or the best stack (if there is one) but it is a good stack. There are other stacks out there, but none that is objectively better. Once you get that one under you belt you will be better suited to make a decision about what else you want to learn.


easiest way is to get a developer based job?

The best way is to find them on Fiverr.