Where can I find out more about how web development works?

Hello everyone,

I ve learned the basics of Javascript and I started quite recent to work with NodeJS to learn how to create websites. I m still in the learning phase I m trying to apply what I ve learned about Javascript but the more I learn the more I feel like i know less and less.

To be more specific I m talking about how the Web works and I m referring to more in depth not only Client - Server relation but about all the stuff happening in there like headers, responses, CORS.

For example I checked nodemailer, a module for NodeJs for emails and in their documentation I ve found lots of stuff strange to me. I didn t know they existed and some of them seem to be useful for those who know they exist and what they do. For example: SMTP transport, Pooled SMTP, SMTP envelope, OAuth2. I ve read also about custom headers for emails.

It feels like there are way too many things and I feel overwhelmed. I don t know where to start really. I keep thinking these people who create modules for NodeJs they make things look so easy with their creation. I feel like I will never be to that point where I will contribute to a module/library… :pensive:
Can anyone recommend me some tutorials or something that explain properly/more in detail about web, more options that exist and what they do? And also about emails since they re part of the web development as well.

Here’s an article on setting up an email server.

This might answer some of your questions.

Thank you for you help. I appreciate it :smiley:

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