Where can I learn basic funtions ,keys,elements,Attributes

I am a beginner and solutions to problems in codewars are things I haven’t even began to see. My question is, what websites can I learn about these attributes and get a brief description of how they interact in code editors and what they are used for? For example, (num 0>? )Thank you in advance!

What language are you using? For JavaScript freeCodeCamp has a good curriculum

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As mentioned, it would help if you specified which language you were working with.

For the user solutions, not all users are complete beginners in programming when they are going through the 8kyu problems.

Some users might be brushing up their skills in a particular language or practicing with a new language.

Also, when I solve codewars problems sometimes I will have MDN docs open to see possible methods I could use to solve the problem.

You also have to remember that people probably spend extra time refactoring their solutions.

So that also might be why they are looking “fancier” or use other methods you are not used to.

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Thanks I will check them out now. I am referring to Js.


Great response, also yes I was referring to Js. I will check out MDN docs. Thank you